The firm of KLH Engineers was formed on May 28, 1982 by three men with much experience in the water and wastewater business and who were entering their sixth decade of life. Under separate circumstances, each had come to a life passage which resulted in each having a common idea. That idea: Now is the time to do something different in the engineering business.

Two of the men, George Keith and Leon Langford, were friends who met as young men graduating from college in the 1950s and were working for the same firm. They became partners in that firm, and after decades of consulting, both left the firm and went their separate ways. Soon, the idea of starting an engineering firm developed between the two. In the course of their pursuit, they met John Harrington, and formed Keith Langford and Harrington.

Today, KLH Engineers is a 50+ employee firm which provides opportunities to experience and work with the same corporate philosophy and culture its founders established at its inception.