Joseph M. Gianvito, P.E.

Joe Gianvito

Vice President
Education – M.S., 2007, University of Pittsburgh, Civil Engineering
B.S., 2001, Pennsylvania State University, Civil Engineering

Joe Gianvito is a KLH Principal and Vice President where he is responsible for management of the engineering and design staff. Joe has over 18 years of experience with water and wastewater facility projects. He has specialized experience in process engineering, and is highly involved with KLH’s water and wastewater treatment plant projects. Joe has assisted many communities with navigating complex project planning, design, permitting, and construction as well as plant startup and troubleshooting of operational issues. He always strives to engage client management and operations staff as key members of the project team. The common denominator on all successful projects is a team of dedicated individuals all working together towards the same clear goals.

Joe and his wife of 17 years, Nicole, have a daughter and son together. In his free time, Joe enjoys spending time with his family and working on home projects.

“Turn your wounds into wisdom” – Oprah Winfrey

Representative Projects
Authority of the Borough of Charleroi – Process Engineer for CSO treatment facility. Work included project planning, pilot testing, design, and permitting for a 10 MGD CSO treatment facility. This facility was the first compressed media filter, permitted for CSO treatment, in PA.

Clairton Municipal Authority – Process Engineer for wastewater treatment plant upgrade project. Work included project planning, development of a scaled physical model for self-cleaning raw sewage pump station, design and operation of MBR pilot test plant, detailed design, construction phase work, and process startup and initial operation assistance. Pilot testing program demonstrated that MBR process effluent did not require post disinfection.

Moon Township Municipal Authority – Process Engineer for water treatment plant improvements project. Work included planning, design, and permitting of flocculation basin and clarifier upgrades rated at 8 MGD. Clarifier upgrades included addition of high efficiency plate settlers.

Rochester Area Joint Sewer Authority – Process Engineer for wastewater conveyance system and WWTP upgrades. Work included project planning, design and permitting for a $50M system-wide upgrade project required to reduce CSO volumes.

Professional Engineer in the State of Pennsylvania

Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator in the State of Pennsylvania

Professional Affiliations

“Optimized Peak Flow Treatment: A Case Study in Wet Weather By-Pass of Biological Treatment.” PA Water Environment Association Annual Conference, 2015.

“Sewage Pump Station Water Hammer Control Simplified.” PA Water Environment Association Annual Conference, 2008.

“Sewer Flow Monitoring: Is Your Data Reliable?,” PA Water Environment Association Annual Conference, 2007.

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WPWPCA Engineering Service Award 2016