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KLH Engineers, Inc. has the experience and resources to make fast approvals happen!

An established leader in the water/wastewater industry, we utilize our existing relationships with strategic partners (such as contractors and reviewing agencies) to your advantage.  Contact us today to discuss how KLH can streamline your project permitting and implementation and expedite your production schedule.

We provides services for:

  • Rights of Way
  • Pipeline Designs
  • As-Built Drawings

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Water System Modeling

KLH provides computer modeling services for water transmission and distribution system projects.  Use of state of the art modeling software allows KLH to provide cost effective solutions to water system deficiencies. KLH uses and maintains licenses for two of the leading hydraulic modeling software packages used in today’s water industry including WaterCAD, as created by Bentley, and InfoWater, as developed by Innovyze. KLH uses both modeling software packages to assist in the preparation of a “Master Water Plan” for many of its clients.  The Master Water Plan evaluates the current condition of a water system taking into consideration the size and age of the system, current and future customer projections, and identifies those capital facilities required to achieve water system goals.


WaterCAD is a comprehensive water distribution modeling program that allows for the analysis of complex pressurized pipe networks.  WaterCAD is capable of performing both “Steady State Network Hydraulics” and “Extended Period Simulations”.  During a steady state analysis, the operating behavior of the system at a specific point in time (steady-state conditions) is determined.  When performing an extended period analysis, the behavior of the system over a certain amount of time is calculated.  Extended period analyses are useful in projecting the filling and draining of tanks, the run-time of pumps, and the changing of pressures and flow rates throughout the system in response to varying demand conditions.


Similar to WaterCAD, InfoWater is a fully interactive, GIS based, software program used in the modeling of water distribution systems.  InfoWater combines network construction and database management with highly advanced and computationally efficient hydraulic analysis and water quality simulation modules based on EPANET.  InfoWater “add-on” modules “CapPlan” and “InfoSurge” allow for both a prioritization of capital improvement projects identifying the most critical pipes in the system in need of replacement, and allow for the modeling and addressing of abnormal system operations associated with water hammer.

Wastewater Modeling

KLH provides computer modeling services for wastewater conveyance and treatment projects.  Use of state of the art modeling software enables KLH to provide cost effective solutions to complex wastewater system problems.


KLH uses EPA’s Sanitary Sewer Overflow Analysis and Planning (SSOAP) Toolbox and Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) for wastewater conveyance system modeling.  SSOAP aids in statistical analysis of sewer flow and rain data.  SWMM allows for hydraulic routing of flow data-calibrated hydrographs dynamically through complex sanitary and combined sewer systems.  KLH has used SWMM on many projects involving upgrades required to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows and combined sewer system compliance with EPA CSO Control Policy.  KLH also uses Innovyze’s InfoSWMM.  InfoSWMM provides an enhanced graphical user-interface with direct integration with ArcGIS.  Coupling ArcGIS and SWMM allows for models to be built efficiently and more cost effectively.


KLH uses EnviroSim’s BioWin for modeling wastewater treatment processes.  BioWin is a user-interface which provides access to a variety of mathematical models designed to predict physical, chemical, and biological reactions within wastewater treatment processes.  Both steady-state and dynamic simulations can be run through the BioWin interface.  KLH uses BioWin for WWTP upgrade projects including design of new processes as well as modifications to existing processes.  KLH also uses BioWin as an operational tool for predicting the effects of specific process modifications.

Modeling Projects:

  • Ambridge
  • Clairton
  • Kiski
  • Sewickley
  • South Fayette
  • O’Hara
  • Greensburg


Modeling Publications:
KLH has a comprehensive modeling manual called the KLH Sewer System Modeling Manual.

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In addition to traditional design and construction phase, services KLH provides a wide range of engineering services associated with the science of water and wastewater engineering. These services include:

  • Water/Wastewater Operational Troubleshooting/Assessment
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity Enhancement Studies
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Biological Assessment
  • Disinfection Byproduct Reduction Studies
  • Discharge Stream Water Quality Assessment
  • Industrial Pretreatment Services
  • Toxic Reduction Evaluations
  • NPDES Permit Renewal/Review/Appeals
  • Contact Time Tracer Studies
  • Water Plant Filter Performance Evaluation
  • Distribution System Water Quality Assessments
  • Pilot Equipment and Process Studies

KLH has extensive experience in all of the above areas. Our services have ranged from the troubleshooting of an activated sludge nutrient imbalance problem to development of garden test plots for the complex analysis of cadmium uptake variability in broad leaf green vegetables with the objective of resolving remediating biosolids land application sites.