SCADA Services

KLH Engineers, Inc. is proud to offer Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) services. We have always provided our clients with SCADA design and support, but as of September 2021, we have rolled out a full SCADA development team to further support new and existing clients’ control systems. Our SCADA Engineering Department is prepared to provide complete SCADA system implementation from design to installation. Our SCADA services include: 

  • Network design and evaluations
  • Control system upgrades from legacy equipment
  • PLC and HMI programming
  • SCADA programming
    • Graphical displays
    • Control
    • Trending
    • Alarming and notifications
    • Custom reporting
  • Packaged systems integration
    • Coordination with third-party suppliers
    • Integration of packaged systems into SCADA
    • Maintain third-party relationships and support
  • Emergency SCADA and PLC repair and troubleshooting
  • Control panel design and supply
  • Other services that support any SCADA and/or control system components and functionality
  • KLH is a recognized Rockwell Automation System Integrator
  • Experience with varying PLC and HMI manufacturers and SCADA platforms

Cellular and Remote Services

KLH provides sole-source solutions for remote cellular modems and data plans including: 

  • Hardware and Equipment: All-in-one VPN Router, Firewall, and Modem called TosiBox. TosiBox is very flexible and can be setup with cellular antennae and/or WAN connections.
  • Security Updates: TosiBox equipment is maintenance free. Security and software updates occur automatically and daily.
  • TosiBox Leasing: Leasing plans ensure security updates and eliminates the possibility of obsolete equipment.
  • Cellular Data Plans: Private cellular network that has UniSIM cards that cover major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile), whichever signal is strongest with seamless switchover.
  • Secure Remote Access
    • Data collection and data usage monitoring
    • Remote viewing of SCADA and HMI
    • Engineer remote connection to troubleshoot and modify PLC code and/or HMI
    • Complete monitoring solutions

Benefits of KLH TosiBox Platform

The benefits of the KLH TosiBox Platform include:

  • Meets WaterISAC Cybersecurity recommendations
  • Win the cybersecurity narrative and focus more time and resources on operations.
  • Cost savings through automation
  • Increased operational effectiveness
  • Future-proof through leasing services
  • No third-party cloud providers (data privacy)
  • No Static or Public IP addresses required
  • Over-the-air updates for all security and software updates