Wastewater Planning Studies

KLH Engineers provides consulting and design engineering services for municipalities and authorities that collect and treat sewage. With over 35 years of experience, we offer expertise in all facets of the project development and completion process; from planning/design to construction management to start-up. In addition, we have performed numerous studies to assist our clients in preparing for the future, including:

  • Act 537 sewage facilities management plans
  • Feasibility/analytical studies
  • Rerate/capacity evaluations
  • Five-year capital evaluations
  • Rate studies and analyses

Wastewater Capital Improvements and Maintenance Projects

When a client decides to undertake capital improvements proposed through our planning studies, KLH typically provides detailed design services for those improvements. We have completed nearly 1,000 different wastewater projects of various scale, ranging from a few hundred feet of sewer replacement to a 90-mile sewer project; from a 5,000 GPD package plant to a 56 MGD tertiary wastewater treatment plant. The following are facilities for which we’ve completed capital improvements:

  • Interceptor, collector and force main sewers
  • Pump stations
  • Package wastewater treatment plants
  • Equalization facilities
  • Stormwater detention facilities
  • Combined sewers and storm sewers
  • New wastewater treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment plant rehabilitation
  • Wastewater treatment plant expansion/upgrades
  • Water quality maintenance facilities

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

KLH Engineers has built a solid reputation over the years for design and construction of wastewater treatment facilities. We provide the following support engineering services:

  • Mechanical and electrical troubleshooting
  • Modifications to existing facilities
  • Temporary operations
  • Operational efficiency evaluations
  • Process evaluations and troubleshooting

As innovators in the design of wastewater treatment facilities in Southwestern Pennsylvania, we have incorporated treatment optimization methods that allow us to lower construction costs:

  • Coarse/fine screening technology in lieu of comminution/maceration
  • Step aeration for high-flow management
  • Use of flocculator clarifies as final settling treatment
  • Installation of bio-towers with suspended growth reactors for high-flow management
  • Use of blending treatment schemes for high-flow management
  • Introduction of advanced primary treatment for CSO treatment
  • Use of membrane filtration technology

Wastewater Collection

Our firm has provided analysis, design, and construction services for installations of both gravity and pressure sewers. We also perform all services relating to the construction, operations, and maintenance of sanitary sewer lines, including:

  • Wet weather flow and combined sewer system planning
  • Sewer system modeling using InfoSWMM and PCSWMM
  • Value engineering review
  • Permitting
  • Financing

I/I Abatement

At KLH, our staff actively serves on local, state, and national collection system committees, which provides us insight into the latest collection system I/I abatement techniques and applications This insight has been put into practice in carrying out these abatement projects for our clients.

Flow Monitoring

Equipment selection
Equipment location
Quality control
Data acquisition and analysis

Program Guidance

  • Schedules
  • Sewer system assessment methods
  • Rehabilitation methods
  • Priority of work
  • Monitoring effectiveness
  • General consultation